New audio release: “Bad Dreams and Broken Hearts: The Case Files of Erik Rugar,” by Misha Burnett

The very first single-author work that Lagrange Books published, in 2019, was Bad Dreams and Broken Hearts, a collection of hard-boiled fantasy stories by Misha Burnett. This amazing collection features the third-place winner of the 2019 Baen Adventure Fantasy Award, “In the City of Dreadful Joy,” and it’s not even my favorite story in the book. A surreal blend of pulpy detective story and vivid fantasy worldbuilding, Bad Dreams and Broken Hearts is a great book and I was extremely proud to publish it.

And now it’s available in a brand new format! Thanks to the dramatic talents of Brandon McKernan, Misha Burnett’s book can now be listened to as an audiobook—available from Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Check it out!

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