New Anthology! “For the Good of the Realm,” Coming Soon…

Years in the making, we are at last ready to unveil a new fantasy anthology from Lagrange Books, For the Good of the Realm: Stories of Power and Defiance. We’re going to be launching a Kickstarter project in the next few days, so this is your chance to contribute and be recognized in the Acknowledgements. Plus, we’re also offering fantastic collections of our other Lagrange Books publications as backer rewards, so check it out!

Editing is complete for all but one story. All that remains is to finalize the back matter and the Acknowledgements, do about fifty passes looking for stray typos (grr…), and then lock down the interior layout. The book itself should be published within a month or two of the Kickstarter project concluding. We can’t wait!

Shout-out to our amazing cover designers at Deranged Doctor Design for their excellent work, as always.

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