Who Will Have My Back: Stories of Love and Care for Those Who Have Served And Sacrificed

Ron Farina

Who Will Have My Back is a powerful collection of short stories that describe the often-overlooked, sometimes-invisible sacrifice and devotion of our nation’s caregivers. Based upon personal interviews and firsthand observations, Who Will Have My Back is a testament to the work these men, women, and organizations perform on behalf of America’s wounded warriors and fallen first responders.

The real images, feelings and memories captured in these stories offer a deeper understanding of what it means to accept the mantle of caregiver—and provide an intimate, personal glimpse into the real, everyday life experiences of actual caregivers.

No parent ever imagines standing by a son’s bedside, and having to tell him that he has lost both legs and a hand. But when that son whispers through lips still swollen from battlefield wounds that he wants to walk again, it takes more than a parent’s love to make–and keep–the promise to do everything possible to help him walk; it takes a caregiver’s heart.

Who Will Have My Back lays bare, for all to see and feel, the caregiver’s heart.

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